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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

A learning disability can take a huge emotional toll, especially when your loved one is a young child or adolescent that’s still developing his or her sense of self-worth. I’ll build on you or your loved one’s strengths and show you how you can adapt and do things differently to achieve the best results not just at school, but also in everyday life.

Parenting a child with learning disabilities can become overwhelming, frustrating and lonely. One of the most important factors to any child’s success is a healthy parent. When advocating or parenting a child with a learning disability becomes too much, Dynamic Fusion can help address the emotional toll and provide parent coaching. Resulting in healthier position to support your child’s needs.

Helpful Tidbits
  • Most individuals with a learning disability are average or above average intelligence.
  • Learning Disabilities are genetic.
  • Children and adults can experience social and emotional difficulties.
  • Individuals with LD can learn when instructional material to meet their learning needs is used.
  • Individuals with LD tend to be excellent problem solves, big picture thinkers and creative.

According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, three factors can have a positive impact on young adults with learning disabilities.

  1. A supportive home life.
  2. A strong sense of confidence.
  3. A strong connection to friends and community.

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