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How kissing can save your marriage?

Whenever my dad came home from work and kissed my mother hello, I would always announce “They’re getting married again!” Everyone would laugh. I laughed too, even though I didn’t get the joke.

Growing up in the era of “The Brady Bunch” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” I’d learned that “you may kiss the bride” equaled marriage.

Looking back, my young self did grasp something more about what it means to kiss. Maybe it is like getting married again, every single time. A wedding is a microcosm of your relationship — a small world that you create and inhabit together. A daily kiss is a ritual which reminds you to climb back into that small world that you’ve continued to build. The more you tend to that world, the more it expands.

A kiss can be entrusted with this transformational charge because whether given a hundred times or thousands, it is pretty extraordinary. During a kiss, time stops, or becomes irrelevant. You smile. You swoon. Dishes, emails, kids disappear momentarily, and everything that needs to be communicated, is—just like that, in a language so primitive, yet one that you and your partner have invented and been developing since your very first encounter. Lifted off the treadmill of life, you can read every nuance of each other’s day. No wonder the brain devotes so much space to input from the lips. There’s nowhere to hide in a kiss, and hiding is not so good for marriages. So, a way of not hiding that is free, fast, and doesn’t require a babysitter? That’s a good thing. To read the rest of the article, click the link below.

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